Frequently Asked Questions

How is buying one of your hats different than buying a hat in a store?

Size: Most stores carry hats marked "one size fits most," which means the hat measures 22 1/2 to 23 inches. You may know someone, however, who has never worn a hat because he or she has never found one large or small enough to fit.We make hats to fit our customers by molding the opening of the hat on a block which is the correct size. See the "Hat Size" link at the bottom of our home page to determine your size. 

Design: The sample hats pictured on the website are available to ship within 1-3 business days. These hats are already made and are a specific size (noted in the description). Custom hats or headpieces, which are like the sample hats with your desired changes in size, color, etc. or a completely new design with your choice of material (straw, felt, your custom-made dress material, etc.) or trim (flowers, Grandmother's brooch, Dad's cuff link, etc.) and shape may take up to 3 weeks to create before shipping. A little more time, but your hat!

What if I need to rush my order?

Please contact us. We may be able to expedite your order at an extra cost, depending on material availability and shipping.

How can I learn my hat size?

Click on the "Hat Size" link at the bottom of our home page for instructions. Always measure before buying. Your hat size can change over time.

Have another question? Please contact us.