Determining Your Hat Size



Always measure before purchasing a hat. Your size may change over time.

There are two conventions for hat sizes, one for men and one for women. Traditionally, women's hats are labeled in inches and men's with a fraction. See the chart below for men's size equivalents. Because we are looking for custom fit for our customers, and many of the designs are unisex, we usually note with inches.


Use a cloth sewing measuring tape or a string and a ruler for all three of the measurements. 

1. Wrap the tape or string around your head, making sure that it is mid-forehead in the front, just above your ears on the sides, and at the widest point in the back. Don't stretch too tightly! Test by trying to insert a pencil under the tape. This measurement is your hat size. Many hat styles and headpieces need further measurement to fit, however, because everyone's shape is different.

2. Wrap the tape from ear to ear. Think headphones or headbands. Make sure the tape begins and ends just above your ear. You don't want to push your ears out with a hat that is too deep or have a cartoon look with one that is too shallow. This often-ignored measurement keeps many store hats from fitting.

3. Wrap the tape over your head from middle of your forehead to widest point on the back of your head. This measurement will help with placing trim on a hat or shaping an ornate design for formal or costume wear.

Men's hat size chart (US)

25" to 25 3/8"-------- 8

24 1/4" to 24 5/8"---- 7 3/4 to 7 7/8

23 1/2" to 23 7/8"---- 7 1/2 to 7 5/8

22 5/8" to 23"-------- 7 1/4  to 7 3/8

21 7/8" to 22 1/4"---- 7 to 7 1/8

21 1/8" to 21 1/2"---- 6 3/4 to 6 7/8